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Inflammation within the eye arising from the eye’s pigmented uveal tissue which forms the iris, ciliary body and choroid layer of the retina. Divided into anterior (iris inflammation, iritis), intermediate (ciliary body inflammation) and posterior (choroidal inflammation, choroiditis). Uveitis may be associated with inflammation of the vitreous (vitritis) or retina (retinitis, chorio-retinitis). Iritis may occur in association with arthritis (eg ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, juvenile chronic arthritis), sarcoid, infections (eg TB, herpes virus) or for no known reason. Posterior uveitis may follow infection (eg toxoplamosis) or systemic inflammation (eg sarcoid, Behcet’s) but often is of no known cause.

Clinical Features

Iritis: Usually unilateral
Painful, red eye except in children
Blurred vision

Intermediate and posterior uveitis: floaters and impaired vision

Inflammation may occur as an acute attack or become chronic


See ophthalmologist urgently


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  • Iritis
  • Corneal deposits from severe intra-ocular inflammation
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Eye Surgery In Berkshire

Eye Surgery in Berkshire
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