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Orbital tumours


Lumps developing in the orbit may be benign or malignant. Any age group may be affected. Malignant tumours may arise from tissues within the orbit, invade from the surrounding structures especially the sinuses, or be metastases from tumours that have arisen in other parts of the body. 

Clinical Features

Malignant tumours usually more rapidly progressive
Displacement of the eye up/down, sideways or forwards
Double vision
Visible or palpable lump
Impaired vision
Swelling of conjunctiva or eyelids, occasionally inflammation


See ophthalmologist with oculoplastic experience urgently


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  • Benign lacrimal gland tumour right eye
  • Capillary haemangioma
  • Left orbital metastasis
  • Left orbital lymphoma
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Eye Surgery In Berkshire

Eye Surgery in Berkshire
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