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Conjunctival Pigmentation


This may be normal racial variation, a benign naevus or conjunctival melanoma

Clinical Features

Conjunctival pigmentation is commonly seen in dark skinned people. It is bilateral, patchy, flat and stable

Benign conjunctival naevi are similar to skin moles. They tend to appear in early adult life when they may enlarge and become darker. They are solitary, well-defined and usually almost flat

Conjunctival melanoma usually presents in the 50-60s. There may be pre-existing pigmentation (primary acquired melanosis, or rarely a naevus). Most are solitary enlarging lumps with pigmentation varying from dense to minimal


Racial conjunctival pigmentation does not need any ophthalmic referral
For any other pigmented conjunctival lesions see ophthalmologist


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  • Racial pigmentation
  • Racial pigmentation
  • Naevus
  • Naevus
  • Small melanoma
  • Large melanoma
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