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Colour Blindness


An impairment in the ability to perceive colours. Most commonly due to a defect in the cone photoreceptors in the retina, inherited through the mother (X-linked) so that men are affected (8%) and women are generally unaffected carriers (only 0.4% affected). Very rarely, inherited cone dystrophies may impair colour perception.

Colour vision disorders may also result from damage to the optic nerve (optic neuropathy) or diseases affecting the macula

Clinical Features

Inherited forms most commonly cause difficulty discriminating red and green
Optic neuropathy often leads to loss of red perception first


Inherited colour blindness does not affect the holding of a driving license but does disbar from certain professions
Any new loss of colour perception needs referral to an ophthalmologist





Eye Surgery In Berkshire

Eye Surgery in Berkshire
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