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In early childhood, lack of a clear image from one or both eyes, or confusion due to two conflicting images from eyes pointing in different directions (squint), leads to failure of development of the normal visual connections in the brain. If uncorrected, permanently reduced vision results (amblyopia, also known as ‘lazy eye')

Clinical Features

Poor sight in one or both eyes, not fully correctable with glasses
A squint may be present
The eye is usually normal. There may be a refractive error. Occasionally conditions that interfere with vision eg cataract are present 


The abnormality needs to be corrected by age 7-8 years to prevent a permanent reduction in vision
Children with reduced vision or a squint need to be assessed soon by an eye department
Adults with amblyopia are usually aware of poor sight in one eye from childhood. Only new deterioration needs further investigation by an ophthalmologist





Eye Surgery In Berkshire

Eye Surgery in Berkshire
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